Celebrate the Fourth in New York William Doonan

Celebrate the Fourth in New York

New York City does not hold back when celebrating the fourth of July. From the biggest firework display in the country to a world-famous hot dog eating contest, you can find something to do during the week of the Fourth. Celebrate the United States turning 242 with the city that never sleeps…or runs out of […]

Habits to Start in the Summer (And Do Year Round) William Doonan

Habits to Start in the Summer (And Do Year Round)

Summer is a time when many people have off from work more frequently. Whether their jobs are closed or they take vacation days, they also often have more moments to focus on themselves. Integrating new and healthy habits in the summer is, as a result, easier than doing so during the rest of the year. […]


Tips For A Longer, Healthier, Happier Life

If you’re among the millions of people with an interest in living a healthier life, there are some big changes you can make in your life. While some of these suggestions may be difficult to incorporate into your life, they can help you live longer, healthier, happier life. Quit Soda Yes, this seems to make […]

4 ways to stay positive When Everyone Else is Negative _ William Doonan

4 Ways to Stay Positive When Everyone Else is Negative

Once someone makes the choice to be a positive thinker, staying positive becomes harder than ever. When a person is immersed in negativity, everyone else seems normal. Once the perspective shifts toward positivity, the negativity of others becomes evident. What’s an optimist to do? Know that Emotional Energy is Contagious It’s natural to feel brought […]

William Doonan Healthy Eating

Top Rules for Healthy Eating

Healthy eating can be tricky when you’re just starting the habit. With all the do’s and don’ts out there it can be hard to choose what to follow. Here are some tips assembled by nutritionist Karyn Forsyth Duggan on how to eat a diet rich in nutrition. Eat a lot of vegetables Did you know […]

Lifeguards Life William Doonan

The 6 Best Parts of Being a Lifeguard

Being a lifeguard is one of the favored summer jobs of teenagers and young adults. You get to spend a lot of your days at the pool and get paid to do it! If you live near the beach, you can even be a lifeguard there, which is also a wonderful experience. While you might […]

William Donnan Happy Netflix

5 Things this Netflix Documentary Can Teach Us About Happiness

Netflix, a popular streaming company, provides users around the globe with trending television shows, movies, and documentaries on a myriad of topics. Placing the popular belief that Netflix is only a distraction to productivity, there are positive outcomes from streaming entertainment depending on what you watch. While Netflix is meant to be entertaining and bring […]

William-Doonan-2018 Resolutions

This Year You’re Going to Stick to Your New Years Resolution: Here’s How

Every year millions of people around the world wait up until the clock strikes midnight to kick off a new year. In tradition with this, Americans set resolutions for the New Year that they intend to start on the 1rst of January. Often enough, by February or March the New Year’s resolution has already been […]

William Doonan 2018 Happiness

How to Be Happier in 2018

The year 2017 is shortly coming to an end. While some of us are eager and ready for 2018 to start a fresh year, others dread the time for setting resolutions amidst the post-stress of the holidays. Whether you’re excited for the new year or not, the holidays will soon have passed and 2018 will […]

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