Anxiety can be all-consuming. When we feel anxious, it can seem suffocating or as if we are trapped under a spell. Many of us only think anxiety as debilitating but what it wasn’t?

Recent research reveals that anxiety is one of the best motivators in becoming our best selves. Yes, severe anxiety can result in panic attacks, but moderate anxiety can be helpful in our everyday goal, that is if we are willing to embrace it.

Instead of having anxiety hold you back, harness it. In one study from the University of Wisconsin, it was shown that how we think about anxiety and stress can change how those feelings impact us. Despite actual stress levels, if you feel like your anxiety will be less harmful, the less impact it will have. Going off of this notion, there are three ways that you can tap into anxiety as a resource rather than a burden.

Treat Anxiety As A Sign

Although it may be inconvenient, anxiety exists for a reason. That feeling you get in the pit of your stomach is there as a sign from your body that something is wrong and you need to do something about it. Compare anxiety to baby cry’s, both let you know there is an issue that needs to be addressed. When a baby cries, you try to find a solution whether that be feeding, burping, or changing the child. Anxiety works in the same way. No, you don’t need to burp your anxiety, but you must work to determine what the issue is and then implement an action to solve it.

Label Your Experince

Anxiety isn’t always negative, but sometimes we focus on the feeling rather than the message. By recognizing your anxiety you can reduce stress, activate better emotional regulation, and problem solve. For example, if you are nervous that you may have upset someone, re-label that worry into you caring for another person. How you label an experince is something that you have complete control over.

Find A Middleground

Too much anxiety can be detrimental to your mental health and wellbeing, however, not having any anxiety would be just as problematic. Every person needs to have some type of anxiety to function, even though it may be uncomfortable with that pit in your stomach. Anxiety has the ability to keep us on our toes. In our busy lives, it can help us gain more focus and make us pay attention that is important.

According to a German study, gaining a better understanding of anxiety’s capability to turn to motivation can help us thrive in life. Embracing your anxiety rather than fearing it can prove to be extremely beneficial in obtaining your goals.