If you’re among the millions of people with an interest in living a healthier life, there are some big changes you can make in your life. While some of these suggestions may be difficult to incorporate into your life, they can help you live longer, healthier, happier life.

Quit Soda

Yes, this seems to make every “live healthier” list and with good reason. The artificial flavoring and colors, as well as the high sugar content, wreak havoc on the body. If you can’t give up the carbonation and sweet flavor, try switching to drinks that are naturally fermented, such as homemade ginger ale, kombucha soda, and beet kvass. Over time, this one change can greatly improve your health and sense of wellbeing.

Change Your Cooking Oils

Most people use vegetable or canola oil to cook their meals, but these oils are bad for the digestive system and can negatively affect blood flow. Instead, try cooking with coconut oil. Much like coconut milk and coconut water, the oil is packed with benefits. For instance, coconut oil adds a good helping of medium chain fatty acids and lauric acid to your foods.

Squat on the Loo

Many countries in Asia and Europe already have bathrooms equipped with toilets that compel you to squat instead of sit. If you’re reluctant to remodel your bathroom until you see how this goes, you can use two buckets or crates for your feet and squat over a second bucket. By squatting instead of sitting, digestion and bowel movements are greatly improved.

Change Your Drinking Water

If you’re still buying bottled water, you may want to consider another option. Plastic bottles are filled with contaminants, such as the chemical compound commonly known as Bisphenol A (BPA). For that reason alone, it’s better to fill glass bottles or steel containers with water. Additionally, add a water filter that gets rid of chlorine, fluorine, and other unhealthy additives.

Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

If you’re not getting a full eight hours of quality, uninterrupted sleep, it’s time to make some changes to your habits. Researchers recommend turning off all electronic devices (including the TV) at least one hour before bed. Additionally, make your bedroom as comfortable and relaxing as possible. If you still have trouble falling asleep, try relaxation methods, such as a warm bath, lighting scented candles and meditating, or practicing yoga.

By paying closer attention to your daily routine, you can make changes in your life that will help you live healthier. While it may not be easy to make those changes, in the beginning, it won’t be long before you see the positive