Every year millions of people around the world wait up until the clock strikes midnight to kick off a new year. In tradition with this, Americans set resolutions for the New Year that they intend to start on the 1rst of January. Often enough, by February or March the New Year’s resolution has already been dismissed. In today’s day and age, many believe that establishing resolutions is cliche simply because no one ever keeps up with it for the entire year. Well, this year you can change that. Here’s how to stick to your New Year’s resolution all year long.

Be Honest with Yourself

The biggest reason people can’t stick to New Year’s resolutions is that they aren’t being honest with themselves. Often in the spirit of the holidays people dream big and create goals that simply aren’t attainable. To create a goal that you will stick to all year, you have to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself if this is something you can reasonably do. Yes, you should create goals that push yourself and they may take hard work, but at the same time you have to make sure your goal is one you can actually reach.

Be honest with yourself when making your New Year’s resolutions. Is it attainable in one year? Don’t sell yourself short. Find a middle ground for goals you know are possible, but will still make you work for it in the end.

Keep a Calendar

It’s hard to stick to New Year’s resolutions when you can’t keep track of your accomplishments. To stick to your goals, keep a calendar for yourself that documents what you’ve accomplished and what you still need to achieve. Physically writing things down will keep your goals organized. This action is also a great way to give yourself a confidence boost. There’s nothing more satisfying than checking off goals on your calendar. This is how you can show yourself what you’re made of.

Change Things Up

Experts say that in order to stick to your New Year’s Resolution, you should pick one thing and focus on solely that thing. However, you can’t be afraid to change things up. Doing one thing over and over again becomes mundane and will easily make you lose your motivation and momentum throughout the year. Don’t be afraid to change your routine while sticking to your goals.

For example, if you’re New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, one of the more common ones, don’t just give yourself a diet. Instead, change things up. Get a gym membership, go for daily walks at your local park, or even take a fitness class. This will help you keep up with your goals without getting bored or losing motivation.

Give Yourself Incentives

Lastly, one of the best ways to stick to your resolutions this year is to reward yourself. Even when you make small achievements towards your goal, give yourself a reward. Using the weight loss resolution as an example again, break things down. If your overall goal is to lose 50 pounds, break it into 10 pound rewards. Every time you lose 10 pounds and become closer to your goal, give yourself a reward.

While New Year’s resolutions sound cliche, the only reason people dread making them is because they can’t seem to make them stick. Here’s to the New Year and good luck as you strive towards your goals in 2018!