Tourists may come to the state of New York to see the famous landmarks that the Big Apple is home to. However, one of the greatest things about New York is the beautiful beaches. One of the best things to do in New York during the summer is visit the beach! Here’s a list of the great beaches that make New York beaches worth a trip.

Jones Beach

Located on Long Island, Jones Beach stretches for 6.5 miles of sand and saltwater. Jones Beach is great because it’s well maintained and comes with added extras. If the sand just isn’t your scene, this beach has a 2 mile long boardwalk, 2 swimming pools, and plenty of things to do. One of New York’s most popular beaches, Jones Beach should be on your list of beaches to visit!

Long Beach

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Long Beach was a desolate town with a long restoration road ahead of them. After New York poured $42 million into repairs, it’s now a fun-filled beach with a 2 mile boardwalk. The boardwalk boasts that it’s a “Shoregasboard”, which is a spin-off of the word Smorgasbord because of the variety of food trucks, festivals, and markets that bring delicious eats to the town. One of the best things about this beach town is that public transportation can drop you off right there!

Orchard Beach

Bronx’s very own Orchard Beach is a smaller beach, but still something to see! It’s crescent shape was created by Robert Moses in the 1930’s and widely became a favorite to New Yorkers. Although this is the only public beach in the Bronx, it’s the best place for a day picnic with 26 courts for basketball, volleyball, and more!

While there are plenty of other beautiful beaches to visit in New York, these are just a few. New York offers the best of both worlds year round with warm, sunny summers at the beach and cold, snowy winters in the city. What makes New York beaches so beautiful is the fun that it brings for everyone of every age. Whether you go to enjoy suntanning in the sand, or to enjoy family activities on the boardwalks, New York beaches have plenty to offer to all who come for a visit.