Healthy eating can be tricky when you’re just starting the habit. With all the do’s and don’ts out there it can be hard to choose what to follow. Here are some tips assembled by nutritionist Karyn Forsyth Duggan on how to eat a diet rich in nutrition.

Eat a lot of vegetables

Did you know that the USDA doesn’t go by the food pyramid anymore? Instead, they use a diagram of a healthy plate and according to it, vegetables should take up the most room. About half of your plate should be covered in vegetables– Green veggies such as brussel sprouts, broccoli, and leafy greens are best. The rest of your plate should consist of a quarter portion of legumes or grains and a quarter of lean protein.

Have a nutritious breakfast

Breakfast is an important meal of the day. It gets your metabolism running, promotes clear thinking, and can help you stay on track with making responsible food choices throughout the day.

Eat enough

Starving yourself is not going to help you to lose weight and can cause serious health complications. It can also lead you to over-indulge when the evening rolls around.

Inquire about what you’re actually eating when you go out

An entree that sounds healthy, may not exactly be healthy. Often, these meals can be loaded with sodium, oil, or butter (or all three). Don’t be afraid to ask your waiter about how the food you’re wanting to order is cooked, and ask for substitutions if necessary.

Write a grocery list and stick to it

If you write a grocery list before going to the store, you are more likely to buy what is on that list and not get distracted by potentially unhealthy choices. Oh, and NEVER shop hungry!

Choose processed foods wisely

Not all processed foods are bad- however, most of them have some sort of artificial ingredient, and/or lots of sugar and sodium which is harmful to your health.

Enjoy the food you’re eating

It is most important that you find healthy foods that you actually enjoy eating- no one is going to eat a bunch of stuff they don’t like and stick to it forever!