Netflix, a popular streaming company, provides users around the globe with trending television shows, movies, and documentaries on a myriad of topics. Placing the popular belief that Netflix is only a distraction to productivity, there are positive outcomes from streaming entertainment depending on what you watch. While Netflix is meant to be entertaining and bring happiness to subscribers, it can bring enlightenment to the world in which we live. Maybe you thought Netflix was an outlet of happiness, but the documentary “Happy” just might give you a new perspective.

1. Finding Richness in Joy

The documentary begins with a man who is said to be as “happy as the average American”, only this man lives in a shack with a mere tarp serving as the roof of his home. As modern science is only on the cusp of understanding how happiness works, this man clearly has his own means of happiness. His definition of being “rich” is not on the amount of money he has, but the amount of joy he has, as well as his family and even his neighbors. Rather than measuring money, this man shows how rich you can become with pure joy.

2. Happiness is an Attracting Force

Your mood, your job, your health, your financial status, and other circumstances are what our society tends to focus on in order to determine our happiness. However, our circumstances aren’t the only indicators of happiness– in fact, they only account for 10%. Most of us are born with a specific range of happiness and that’s called our “genetic set point” where 50% of our happiness is based on our genes.

While research is still trying to account for that unknown 40%, we do know that happiness is an attracting force. It’s common knowledge that anyone would rather be around happy people rather than those in a poor mood.

3. Do More of What Motivates You

No matter your religion or spiritual connection with the world, or your passions and hobbies, these outlets of happiness are what motivate you. By doing the things we love, we can increase our dopamine– a neurotransmitter that your body releases to instruct your brain to be happy.

Don’t waste time allowing bad things to bring you down. Instead, emerge yourself in activities that make you happy and you will find a means of motivation.

4. We Benefit From Each Other

Denmark, known as the happiest country in the globe must be doing something right. With social equality, free education and healthcare, and co-housing, Denmark is a prime example of how humans can work together, live together, and bring happiness to everyone around them. In Denmark, co-housing is a lifestyle in which multiple families live in one location and share general maintenance chores together. From cooking, eating, and caring for the home and land, families that co-live in Denmark save time and energy while uplifting each other as they help one another.

5. Focus on What You DO Have

In the society we live in today, we are always focused on our next big achievement or what we’re going to spend our next paycheck on. Rather than focusing on the things to come, try focusing on the things you already have. Keep in mind, this is not a materialistic focus. From family to shelter, to food on the table and the mindset you have on a daily basis, those are the driving factors of your happiness.

There are a few major takeaway we can learn from this documentary. The first and foremost is that those who want to be happier can be happier if they work for it. No matter your genetic set point for happiness, there are ways you can increase your happiness. The second is that scientists are still trying to learn what actually makes us happy. We don’t have all the answers yet, and that’s okay. The last and most important is that you can surround yourself with those who make you happy. By building a community and helping those around you, you can actually become a happier person.