For many who pursue their passion to live a lifestyle of health and fitness, keeping active in the winter requires more effort than other seasons. The cold weather turns many away from a morning run or an evening walk. No matter if you’re a dedicated fitness enthusiast, or simply want to keep up with your healthy lifestyle, here are a few myths about your health during the winter season.


MYTH: Cold Weather Makes You Sick

Have you ever been told to get a gym membership for the winter because exercising outside in the cold isn’t good for you? Many think that going outside in the cold weather can make your body sick. Whether it’s a cold or even the flu, everyone places the cause for sickness on the cold weather. However, it’s the indoors where those germs accumulate. When you think about it, we spend more time indoors during the winter– making us closer in contact with other people carrying germs. So it’s not that cold weather making you sick this season. It’s all of the germs trapped indoors during the winter get togethers.


FACT: Staying Hydrated in the Winter is Just as Important as in the Summer

During the summer season, your body sweats in the hot weather, making it vital to keep your body hydrated. It’s just as easy to get dehydrated in the winter as it is in the summer. Drinking plenty of water and fluids in the winter can give your body the functionality it needs to fight off colds, keep your body warm, and more. By giving your body enough water to stay hydrating, your body will actually work towards turning the fat cells into energy and you’ll find yourself less sluggish and more motivated!


MYTH: You Have to Stick to a Fitness Routine

You may have heard that sticking to a routine in the winter is the best way to keep yourself up and active when it’s cold. However, that’s a myth. The best thing you can do for your fitness routine this winter is to switch things up. When the weather changes, it’s good to make a change to your routine too. With the time changes, the sun goes down much earlier than in the winter. Dark, cold, nights make it hard to stay motivated. If you were used to getting your fitness in after work in the summer, try a morning workout routine for winter. Don’t be afraid to switch up your routine this winter.


FACT: You Lose Heat Through Your Hands and Feet

Your body releases heat naturally, especially through your hands and feet. When people say “bundle up” in the winter, it’s nothing to take lightly. If you plan on getting a workout in outside during the winter, make sure you’re properly covered. Wearing a hat will help keep the heat in through your head. Gloves will not just keep your hands warm, but decrease the amount of heat your entire body will lose. Lastly, proper socks for running to keep your feet warm in colder temperatures is extremely beneficial to your body. Protect the areas of your body from letting heat escape this winter.