Embracing minimalism in your life allows you to focus on the things that matter the most to you. Taking the time to declutter the frivolous objects in your life is the first step you can take when embracing minimalism. Making the decision to embrace the minimalist lifestyle can be overwhelming at first, especially when you are taking over a big project like decluttering your entire home.

Before you dive head first into decluttering, it is essential to have a plan in place that not only will keep you on track, but motivated through the entire process. The following is a foolproof plan that will help you to your life with ease.

  1. Ask Yourself Why

Before you get down to the nitty and gritty, ask yourself why you are decluttering. Without having a clear vision of why you are decluttering, it can be easy to get sidetracked.

A few examples of why you may want to declutter and embrace minimalism may include:

  • A more peaceful and calmer home
  • More mental clarity by removing distractions from your home
  • Less stress and time wasted on maintaining a clean home
  • More time and energy to spend on doing activities you love
  • Feeling more gratitude towards the tangible and intangible objects in your life
  1. Make Your Plan

Know that you know why you are decluttering, figure out how you will declutter. Decide whether you want to go room by room or by category.

Next, block out some time to declutter. Perhaps you only declutter a few hours out of the day over the course of a week or knock out the entire project in a weekend. The essential key is to schedule when you will declutter and stick o it like you would with any other appointment.

You will also want to take some time and plan what you are going to do with the items that you declutter. Generally, most people categorize their clutter into 3 areas: donate, sell and trash. When you sort your possessions don’t second guess yourself. Go with your instinct, if you put it in the clutter pile, leave it there!

  1. Do A Quick Sweep

Take a walk through your house with a box or laundry baskets and collect anything you find that you absolutely know you don’t use or love. Doing this quick clean up will help give you a jumpstart on your decluttering journey.

  1. Clear Surfaces

Start off with flat surfaces in your home, such as kitchen counters, coffee table, bathroom counters, nightstands, etc. Cleaning these surfaces will help you visualize a cleaner space faster.

  1. Start Off Easy

Before you tackle the room that needs the most work, start off with something small such as a pantry or a bathroom. Picking smaller areas such as these will more than likely hold less sentimental or emotional items. Thus making the decluttering process faster and easier!

Implementing this 5 step process will help you clear out the unnecessary chaos in your life and begin your journey towards embracing minimalism.