Many people may want to make a difference in their community but are often busy prioritizing other responsibilities in their life. Although you may just be one person, you can improve the city by providing your time and energy. When you’re considering getting more involved in the local area, there are a multide of areas you can jump into. 

Develop New Relationships

Working in the community and volunteering your time will allow you to meet new people and form relationships, according to You’ll have the chance to meet your neighbors and have a greater appreciation for the city that you live in by having more friends.

Mentor At-Risk Youth

One of the best ways to make a difference in the community is to mentor at-risk youth who are likely to get involved with crime and drugs, but just need a little support and direction to the right path. Mentoring youth will not only allow them to have a support system in which they confide in, but will also make the city a safer place to live for residents by minimizing drug use and crime rates. You can enjoy forming relationships with teenagers or young adults while encouraging them to improve their lives through guidance and advice.

Feel Rewarded

Planting new trees or cleaning up trash in the community is a great feeling which you will be rewarded for by making improvements in the local area. You CAN make a difference. Even small aspects of volunteering can bring great change. You’ll feel accomplished as you clean up the area and volunteer your time, which can make it easy to enjoy the activity and create a more beautiful environment for everyone.


According to, giving back to the community will allow you to learn new skills and also discover interesting facts about the local area. You’ll get the chance to try new activities, whether it includes cooking a meal at a local soup kitchen for the homeless or hosting a recycling event that allows the community to be more eco-friendly and conscious of their waste.

Grow as an Individual

Positively spending your free time will allow you to grow as an individual and learn what’s most important in life the more you invest in the community. You can have a higher quality of life by giving back to others and finding your purpose by selflessly dedicating your free time to others. It’ll become normal to give back and will be less of a sacrifice over time.