Being a lifeguard is one of the favored summer jobs of teenagers and young adults. You get to spend a lot of your days at the pool and get paid to do it! If you live near the beach, you can even be a lifeguard there, which is also a wonderful experience. While you might end up sunburned if you do not put enough sunscreen on, you’ll still have a great time being a lifeguard. Some days you might find screaming kids annoying, but the benefits of the job far outweigh the negatives. You create incredible memories and gain valuable experience that’ll impact the rest of your life.

Leadership skills

One of the greatest benefits you gain from being a lifeguard is developing strong leadership skills. You’re responsible for the safety of the people at the pool (or beach) and you need to be able to give clear instructions and handle emergency situations. While you hope that such an emergency never arises, you’re properly trained in how to handle it. This kind of experience is invaluable to colleges and future employers; it shows you’re responsible and a strong leader.

Teaching swimming lessons

For many pools, whether public or at summer camps, the lifeguards are responsible for leading swimming lessons. More often than not, these lessons are with groups of young children just learning to swim. You get to see them experience something new and exciting that they’ll do the rest of their lives and you can be the one to teach them it.

Hanging out with your friends

The other lifeguards you work with are probably your friends. If they aren’t when you first start working, they will be in a few weeks. You spend a lot of time together and have plenty of down time to get to know each other. Working at a pool or the beach also means your friends who aren’t lifeguards can come and hang out while you work!

Getting a great tan

A major perk of lifeguarding is that you get incredibly tan while working, if you want to. You also get to spend plenty of time outside in the nicest weather of the year. There’s sunshine, cool water, and clear skies so you’ll feel fantastic.

Watching people enjoy summer

The entire point of lifeguarding is that you’re there to watch over people while they enjoy their summers. Even though you’re working, you’ll have some fun of your own and watching families make lasting memories at the pool is rewarding. You’ll see lots of happy people in the water and it’ll make you feel good too.

Saving someone’s life

Finally, the most important part of being a lifeguard is being ready to save someone’s life if necessary. You’ll go through extensive training and know what to do in an emergency situation. While you hope it doesn’t happen, there’s always a chance someone could pass out in the pool or a kid that can’t swim gets in the deep end. You’re there to keep everyone safe and if you have the chance to save someone’s life, it could change the rest of yours.