When you think of the beach, you typically think blazing temperatures, beach towels in the sand, and of course, summer vacation. The beach is a great getaway full of anything from fun activities to relaxing opportunities. But you don’t have to go in the midst of summer fun and height of tourist season. Rather, in addition to your summer beach vacation, here’s why you should visit the beach in the off season.

It’s Not Too Hot

The summer brings scorching temperatures and sunburn is inevitable for those fair of skin. In the off season, it’s a great time with enjoyable weather and much more bearable temperatures.
Although it’s often too cold to go swimming in the ocean in the off season, there is still plenty to do in the off season. When it’s not too hot, it’s the perfect time for a walk on the beach or boardwalk, a bike ride through the beach town, and even great to get out on a boat. Winter may be too cold due to the off-shore winds, but spring and fall are great opportunities to take advantage of at the beach.

It’s Cheaper

During the summer months, hotels, rentals, shops, gas stations and more all raise their prices due to the high amount of traffic and tourists coming in and out the entire season. After August, prices tend to drop significantly because of less travelers, which means less demand.

Locals of beach towns always complain about the prices in the summer, but when the prices drop, it’s worth the visit! It’s no question that off season travel offers the best rates and prices.

There Are Much Less Tourists

Visiting the beach during the summer is always fun, but it often means  nothing but traffic, long lines, no vacancy, and crowded beaches. Avoid the rush of tourists by visiting the beach in the off season. You’ll be able to enjoy a long walk on the beach or boardwalk without huge groups of people, or even a plethora of screaming children and stressed-out parents. With less people, the beach is significantly more enjoyable and relaxing.

You Get to See Different Species Migration

Fall is one of the best seasons to see migration on the east coast as birds make their way south for winter. You can track east coast bird migration and plan  your trip accordingly if this form of nature and the environment inspire you.

There are also other species that migrate throughout the off season. You can see bottlenose dolphins in the summer, however they may be easier to notice in the off season without umbrellas and beach tents blocking the view. This is also a great opportunity for fish migrations and a great fishing season with less fishermen on the water as your competition.

No matter when you plan your trip to the beach, you’re bound to have a great vacation. The off season has great benefits to offer that everyone should take advantage of if they have the time.