Once someone makes the choice to be a positive thinker, staying positive becomes harder than ever. When a person is immersed in negativity, everyone else seems normal. Once the perspective shifts toward positivity, the negativity of others becomes evident. What’s an optimist to do?

  1. Know that Emotional Energy is Contagious

It’s natural to feel brought down by other people’s negativity. Research from 2017 found that teens who were surrounded by negative people on a regular basis experienced a worsening mood over time. This is because all humans are connected through empathy and shared emotional energy. Just like large crowds of people who would otherwise behave normally can sometimes be worked into a frenzy and begin rioting, a person who is feeling happy and positive can easily be brought down by a negative friend.

  1. Become Aware of Internal and External Influences

Some emotions rise from the individual, and others come from outside circumstances. By developing an intense awareness of their own emotional state, a mindful individual can begin to recognize when they’re feeling real emotions and when they’re absorbing emotional energy from others. If it’s the latter, these emotions can be recognized and released, and the person can return to their original positive state.

  1. Cultivate an Abundance of Positive Emotions

Everyone must deal with stressful situations and negative people sometimes. It can’t be avoided. However, by working hard to cultivate a large amount of positive energy, an individual can not only have more resistance to negativity but also have an easier time lifting others instead of being brought down. Attending yoga or meditation classes, doing talk therapy, and avoiding excessively violent or negative entertainment are all methods of cultivating positivity.

  1. Steering Clear of Social Media

Social media allows people a place to express themselves, which often means venting negative emotions. However, it’s possible that humans weren’t meant to experience venting on such a large scale, let alone witness all the political bickering and other nonsense that gets posted on a daily basis. Those who wish to stay positive should free themselves from daily social media use and stick to only checking in once or twice a week instead.

Staying positive takes work, but it’s worth the effort. At first, a positive person might seem to be a bit of an oddball, but over time, others will begin to look to them as an example for how to live a healthy and happy life.